Export to CSV shows blank fields

Hi ,

I have a saved object in Kibana. When I run this object I get the results I want, it shows all the information for the columns proposed. However when I export it to CSV alot of the columns are blank?

I have opened the object and edited it.
in the columns listed I see agent.hostname along with all other columns. They all show here, how can I get it to export to CSV correctly?
is there a configuration that I'm missing?

(Did you intend to include example code of the object, so people better understand your use case to answer? I see an empty code line.)

sorry about that, no I wasn't intending to do that.
If needed I can provide the object code.

This is a continuation of Exporting to CSV missing values in fields
To answer some questions.
The issue happens to all winlog beats patterns.
If I limit the discover search, yes it still is missing information in the columns.

A suggestion to fix this was to uncheck "Read fields from_source" , where is this setting? where can I find it?

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