Can I use comments in JSON request to ES?


I created a quite complicated request to ES (I send it via curl), so I wanted to add a bit of documentation to it. I read that JSON does not allow comments, but I put a comment of type /* ... */ inside the request and it succeeded. Can I assume that ES allows such comments inside JSON request?

I'm currently using ES 2.4.2, but I'm more interested if current and future versions will allow comments.

Or maybe I can send requests in other languages, for example YAML, that allows comments?

I'm aware that I can use some tool to remove comments before I send it to ES, but I wanted to get sure if I really need to do this.

My request looks like this (it does not make much sense because you can use avg metric instead).

	"query" : 
		"match_all" : {}
				"init_script" : 
				/* comment */
					"_agg['scores'] = []; _agg['count'] = 0",
				"map_script" : 
					"_agg.scores.add(doc['score'].value); _agg.count += 1",
				"combine_script" : 
					"sum = 0; for (s in _agg.scores) { sum += s }; return [sum, _agg.count]",
				"reduce_script" : 
					"avg_sum = 0; avg_count = 0; for (a in _aggs) { avg_sum += a[0]; avg_count += a[1]; }; return avg_sum / avg_count"

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I would not assume that Elasticsearch allows comments inside JSON requests. As you mentioned, the JSON spec does not allow comments and I am surprised that it worked in your test to be honest. Its not something that is tested and not something we explicitly support so it could stop working at any time.


Thank you for the quick answer and the explanation.

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