Can Kibana do this?

I'm new to Elastic and Kibana. I've been tasked with investigating Kibana as a solution for our system uptime reporting. Our Elastic 7 logs state codes for our system, where up =1, down =2 etc. every two minutes. For reporting purposes however, only every 3rd consecutive '2' counts as a true downtime. Is it possible to achieve this using aggregations/queries/KQL, or are these calculations better left for analytics applications in a data warehouse?

I think in most tools the best practise would be to model your data differently to make it easier to analyze.

You could use Elasticsearch transforms to transform your up/down events into an an entity-centric index Transforming data | Elasticsearch Guide [8.3] | Elastic

There's a great webinar with a practically worked out example that should point you in the right direction

Once you have an entity centric index, Kibana would easily be able to visualize it.

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