Tracking of outage duration from ups and downs

Recently I added our sitescope alert logs to our Elasticsearch cluster. This is very helpful that shows us when we get down alerts. What I'm not getting is any kind of duration. How long was something down?
The sitescope tool just records a single down event until the next successful occurs. Is there some way that Logstash can look this up and calculate the uptime or downtime duration? Or is there a way that I could just show this in Kibana without augmenting the data?


You may be able to get a sum agg or a scripted field to do something in KB.
It'll depend on what the sitescope logs actually have in them, does it store an ongoing "down" type value, or just a start and stop event.

Thanks for the reply.

I just get single alerts on state changes. So I would need to get duration between state changes.

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