Can kibana do visualization with multiple indexes at a time?

Can kibana do visualization incorporating multiple indexes at a time in one view?

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Yes. Create an Index Pattern and comma separate your indexes you want to use. Or you can use a wild card if they naming convention supports that.

Using wildcard - index*
Using comma separated - index1,index2,index3

Then when you select that index pattern for your visualization it will use all those indexes.

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In case your indexes cannot fall into a single IndexPattern/Dataview you can use Lens and select for each visualization layer a distinct indexpattern/dataview.

How to create multiple visualization layers.
I have gone through this link Create visualizations with Lens | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic .
Can you share some links explaining multiple visualization layer creation.
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When you are using a bar/line/area chart it is possible to add layers and select for each one the index pattern you like (you have to configure them as pointed out by @aaron-nimocks above)

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