Can metricbeat monitor the jms applicaiton

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Hi Team,
Is is possible to make the metricbeat to monitor the jms applicaiton? Like WebMethods Broker, or other JMS application?

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Currently this is not possible. But metricbeat is easy extendible and we are always looking for new modules. Could you share some details on how monitoring for JMS applications works?

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Hi, so sorry for delay response.
For example, for WebMethods Broker Server, which use JMS to communicate, we hope to know how many resource it has been used, how deep is the topic/queue, and other performance indexes...

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I didn't dig into the JMS protocol but best would be if there is already a library out there for Golang that we could use.

You could also be interested in the work that is going on here related to JMX:

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Thanks. For JMX, we already have a way to monitor(via ITRS). So no need to be integrated into ELK.

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