Can not extract the "value" from the Aggregation

I have a list of Buckets (parentSalaries) that has a list of Aggregations of size 2. One of the Aggregations (average_salary) has the following fields; value, name, valueAsString and metadata. I am trying to extract the data from the "value" but there is no function for it. I tried to use other types of Aggregations such as `ParsedTDigestPercentiles but there is no function that can be used to extract the "value" data. Hopefully, someone can help me.

private void doSomething(Aggregations aggregations) {
 //aggregations is the Aggregations from the SearchResponse
 Terms parentSalaryRatio = aggregations.get("parent_salary_ratio");
 if (parentSalaryRatio != null) {
            List<? extends Terms.Bucket> parentSalaries = parentSalaryRatio.getBuckets();

 private void getTotalAvgSalaries(List<? extends Terms.Bucket> parentSalaries) {
      Aggregations aggregations = parentSalaries.get(0).getAggregations();
      Aggregation avgSalaryAgg = aggregations.get("avg_salary");
      //No function to get the "value" out of "avgSalaryAgg"



 AggregationBuilder precentials_salary = AggregationBuilders
    AggregationBuilder average_salary = AggregationBuilders


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It'd be great if you could share your query and an example response so people can see exactly what you are referring to.

Hi Mark,

I updated the question. Hope it helps.


I used ParsedSingleValueNumericMetricsAggregation to extract the "value" data. It has the value() function. The ParsedAvg can be used as well. It extends ParsedSingleValueNumericMetricsAggregation

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