Can not log in kibana using super account

I have upgrade my ELK to version 8.2 from 7.17.4
it works well before, but after upgrade the RAM of the server, i cannot log in to kibana

I try to reset password using:

bin/elasticsearch-reset-password -u elastic

but then get this:

warning: ignoring JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/jre-openjdk; using bundled JDK
bin/elasticsearch-cli: line 7: cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device

i also try to check my account using this:

curl -k -u elastic 'http://<my_server>:<my_port>/_xpack/security/_authenticate?pretty'

but then i get:

{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Not Found"}

I assume that the user on my elk is missing or cannot be authenticate, is there i can do to fix it?

This means that your disk is full, you need to free up some space.

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