Can not upgrade 7.11.1 -> 7.15.0 (docker-compose. dev.env)

I am currently using the elastic stack in my development environment.
I'm using a single elastic stack system with docker compose.
The version used is 7.11.1.
I found out that 7.15.0 was released recently.

Change only the version in docker-compose.yml
command was executed. as below
docker-compose down
I did docker-compose up,

The version remains the same.
I wonder if there is another way.
I wonder why the upgrade is not working.


This should not happen.
Stupid question but did you save your docket-compose file?

How do you know that the cluster was not upgraded?
Is there any other Elasticsearch instance running?

yea I did save
and check version by curl
result is
"name" : "dda9c6cf47d5",
"cluster_name" : "docker-cluster",

"version" : {
"number" : "7.11.1",

Check if you have actually pulled the 7.15 image with "docker image ls".
If not then try "docker image pull"

oh I already did that...


docker image ls
REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE 7.15.0 53ecd52afaa0 4 weeks ago 812MB 7.15.0 e5418407bc4d 4 weeks ago 977MB 7.15.0 4334c025a5e0 4 weeks ago 1.14GB

Could you run:

docker-compose down

And then when it's down, run

curl localhost:9200/

oh well done
It was a shameful mistake.
Thanks to everyone who gave advice

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