Can someone explain Beats Architecture?


We're analysing the Beats for custom beat developments, and I was wondering if someone can explain the architecture under the hood?

I remember to see a diagram of it (from an old version) but was not able to find it anymore and imagine it changed significantly.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Carlos SOARES.

For 5.x releases have a look at this talk.



Thank you very much!
Are there already some resources available for version 6.X?

Best regards,
Carlos SOARES.

No resources for 6.0 yet. Architecture is mostly the same (libbeat diagram is pretty high level :wink: ). Some common functionality has been moved to libbeat + output interfaces have been updated/simplified (somewhat internal API).

  • filebeat removes spooler + publisher workers (filebeat publishing has become async, making use of spooling/buffering in libbeat itself) -> libbeat notifies the registrar
  • winlogbeat 6.0 uses async publishing pipeline -> libbeat notifies registrar
  • no 'big' changes in metricbeat/haertbeat. Auditbeat uses metricbeat as framework
  • packetbeat no real change (I think flows publisher worker has been removed)

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