Can someone point me to great live websites using ElasticSearch?

Can someone point me to great live websites using ElasticSearch?

Preferably with complex search scenarios using aggregations and many of the newest advanced features.

In Google Groups, wikipedia, stackoverflow and github were mentioned but those are kind of 'classic' ES. I am looking for a more fully featured implementation.


What do you define as a fully featured implementation though?
ES has a range of uses cases, from log analytics, to pure text search.

I would define as: "wow, that's a cool implementation" :smile: use it for their core product, you really need to see it to understand how powerful it is.

That's the problem: I need to see it.
Those guys may have an interesting implementation but it is not open.

I'm pretty sure you're phrasing your questions wrong. Wikipedia's use case
is plenty "advanced" and as "open" as possible. We use tons of the features
in elasticsearch and we've added more because we needed them.

If you are asking about live sites that expose aggregations then I can't
help you there - I just don't know of any.


Have a look at, you will find something there.

I think ES is the type of software that just does what it does really well and is transparent. It will be hard to find that "WOW" factor.

I get excited is when I find out a site that I like and use, uses it.