What end user case démo exist

Hi there,

I wrote down a concept asking developers if they could drive me the best platform to design what I wanted.

They all drove me to kibana and elasticsearch.

At this moment in time I would like to understand why elasticsearch and kibana could be the solution for the concept I have.

I wonder if the rationale I drawn was ever used for end consumer client bases and in What market, with what success and an identification of the success key factors ?

Would you be kind enough to show me where I could view various use cases the community has built over time ?

Thanks for your help
Sophia'Antipolis, French Riviera

Bonjour Estelle :wink:

Could you explain what your use case is and we can then answer how well it will fit with elastic stack.

Anyway you can look at: https://www.elastic.co/use-cases. There are french and english pages with different content.

Note that we also have a huge french community in case you want to be part of the fun:

Also this forum is available in french. See #in-your-native-tongue:discussions-en-francais

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