Can someone see the dashboard without the need for sign in

So, I've been building a website, where I want to show the dashboards of Kibana. So, on the website whenever the user clicks the link they will be redirected to the dashboard page in Kibana. but, the only thing I want to learn is can a user who clicks the link be redirected to the dashboard page without signing in? If so, then how?

There's a feature called "anonymous authentication" in Kibana which sounds like what you need. See this guide: Authentication in Kibana | Kibana Guide [8.5] | Elastic

Is it possible for Elastic Cloud as well or just for the local systems?

You can do this on cloud as well, go to your deployment and "Edit settings" for kibana

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I know I'm asking a lot but will it be possible for you to connect with me on a Zoom Call because I'm not able to understand it perfectly? Can you spare some time of your busy schedule for me?

This is the error that I am getting after clicking on "Continue as a guest". Can you please suggest to me what I should do?

Seems like the credentials you entered for the anonymous user in the settings are not correct. You need to create the user in Kibana and map it to roles and Kibana permissions first.

So, I have to create a User login and a User password and then define it in here right?

exactly. Keep in mind that the permissions of this user will be what everyone can do without logging in.

Ok, thanks so much for helping me out. And btw, please bear with me for another 2-3 days until i can get my doubts cleared :sweat_smile:

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