Do we need to install nginx to bypass authentication of kibana dashboards when embeded in an external application?

I have created Kibana Dashboards and embedded the iFrame URL in an application. It is asking to enter the username/password inside iFrame. So, how can we bypass and get rid of the login. The kibana version i am uisng is 8.6.2

can we address using API key. if so, can you please explain the steps.

Hello @Jvv_Satya !

Have you worked through all the steps in the documentation about embedding code and ensuring that you have an anonymous user set up with access to the dashboard you are trying to embed?


Hello @JLeysens
Thanks for your reply. I don't want to go with an anonymous account as it gives access to everyone who has the URL.
Only when I embed the URL in an iFrame in my application, it should not ask for login. However, if anyone else has Kibana URL and tries to access it directly, it should prompt for login.

is this possible with Kibana?

I would recommend following this discussion :slight_smile:

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