Need to bypass authentication in kibana as dashboards are embedd using iframes in custom website

Hello All,

I want to know possible ways to bypass basic authentication that is enabled in kibana.

Issue: I have custom website that has dashboards integrated using iframes.Now Issue is whenever the user logins to website everytime its asks for username and password.

As far as possible need to do this without using any reverse proxy if any possible way is there,
In case no alternative the anyone can guide about nginx and steps to achieve desired behaviour in website.

Any help or suggestion would be helpful,In community saw mostly its done by reverse proxy-let me please know how its done.Seems common issue.Does same issue exist for upgraded versions aswell?


Many Thanx

Anonymous authentication for Kibana was added in 7.11. Since then you can publish dashboards and provide general access to Kibana without any login.

A good example of a Kibana open and easy to explore is

I also published an example yesterday on how to publish a dashboard inside an iframe on this other discuss post

If you don't want to use anonymous authentication but still want to login, let's say with your backend, I have written whole blog post about it. This can be applied on any technology regarding the ones that I have worked with.

Hello @cromat ,

Thanx for looking into this and for the blogpost link.I'd check the blogpost and try to implement.
I'm using kibana 7.9.1 and I don't see anaonymous access functionality.This issue is still work in
progress.Hope your post helps!

Can you plz let me know if without the use of reverse proxy- Nginx can authentication be bypassed?
I'm using angular at frontend.

Many Thanx

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