Can´t start Fleet server


I´ve just deployed an ELK develop environment (windows msi) but i can´t (i don´t know) how to deploy the fleet server.
I´ve followed these steps: but i always received the same error:

What am i missing or doing wrong?

C:\Program Files\ELK\elastic-agent>.\elastic-agent.exe install  -f --fleet-server-es=http://localhost:9200 --fleet-server-service-token=AAEAAWVsYXN0aWMvZmxlZXQtc2VydmVyL3Rva2VuLTE2MzkwNjcxNTExNTU6cDhHOWpfZGtSSWVaOHFkOW5fZElTQQ --fleet-server-policy=VERyZm4zMEJMeUZQVkFETHQ5TjQ6MUdTTVJkRHlRVEduTXlWN2FqdkJRZw==
2021-12-09T17:27:52.422+0100    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:382   Generating self-signed certificate for Fleet Server
2021-12-09T17:27:53.715+0100    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:760   Fleet Server - Starting
2021-12-09T17:28:26.805+0100    INFO    cmd/enroll_cmd.go:760   Fleet Server - Error - could not start the HTTP server for the API: cannot generate security descriptor for the named pipe: failed to lookup Administrators group: No se efectuó ninguna asignación entre los nombres de cuenta y los identificadores de seguridad```

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