Can the Snapshot Restore restores all my data just once

Hi I have a question about the snapshot restore mechanism,

I create an index, and it has data keep indexing in it and I have set the Elasticsearch to take snapshot once per night specficly for this index, let say after 30 days, I delete this index, and I want to restore it.

Suppose at this point, I will have 30 snapshots, and each snapshot is labaled with a date. if I pick the 30th one, would it be able to recover the data from day 1 til day 30? or it just recover the data between day 29 to day 30

below is my policy set up

Each snapshot is a full snapshot and can restore all data as it present in the indices at the time it was taken.

@Christian_Dahlqvist Got it! Thanks for the reply!

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