Snapshot Restore - snapshot of specific day to be restored

I am new in ELK. I have written few Java methods to query the ES server on my system and create repository, snapshots, and restore as well. They're working perfectly. But, Now I am stuck in a problem-

I am archiving my index once in a day, with the date in the snapshot name. How do I restore the snapshot of the index of a specific day instead of restoring the index's data from beginning till that date of creation?

A Snapshot is a full picture of the indices when you started the snapshot.
But what is the problem with that?

Since snapshots are incremental, supposing I want to restore the snapshot I took yesterday(snapshot_03-11-2019), restoration process will also restore all the previous data too right? Whereas I want to restore and query only yesterday's increment in data.

Consider a snapshot as a full backup.
For optimisation, we are trying to make it incremental as much as possible but this is an implementation "detail".

A Snapshot is a full backup.

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