Can timelion's title be a result of a query?

i have a timelion graph displaying an on off switch's status, which returns a 1/0 value, i also have a scripted field that returns on/off string base on the value, i know i can showit with a plain text visualization, but is it possible to show the string in the timelion graph or even make the title based on a query result and display dynamically?

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If with showing the string in the timelion graph you mean to show the On and Off string on the vertical axis instead of showing 0 and 1 I think the only possible way is to change the field format in the index-pattern management page using a static lookup

Remember to put a single space string for the Value for unknown key so that any value different from 0 or 1 that appear on the axis is not shown.

This is an example using a standard line chart with a similar configuration

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