Can we have master and ingest nodes set true on same nodes

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I have 5 nodes cluster, where i kept 3 nodes , which serve as master and ingest nodes and rest 2 nodes act as only data nodes.

Is this good practise? How the flow will be ? and do we need one more node coordinating node where all three options (M,I and D) will be false.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Not really. If you have dedicated master then that is all they should do, no indexing, no ingesting.

I don't know your use case, but for such a small cluster you are probably better off making all nodes master+data+ingest.

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we have huge data and cluster size is increasing we are planning to move it to 10 node cluster .so is it good to keep 3 master node and 1 ingest node and rest as data nodes.Let me know your opinion


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Yes, that would be a sane idea.

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Any suggestion on coordinating node.Should it be there ? and if yes then how many nodes ?


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If you want one, start with just that one and see how it performs.

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so how ingest node and coordinating node differ in flow..I am little confused in both.Let suppose, if we have 3 node master, 1 ingest node, 1 coordinating node and 5 data node ccluster


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Ingest node -
Coordinating node -

Ingest is for processing of data into the cluster.
Coordinating is for querying of that data, kind of like a load balancer.

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