Can we hide a certain visualization based on a certain condition?

I would like to have a single dashboard with mutiple visualizations how do I selectively display only a certain set of visualization while hiding the other.

Example : Lets assume A,B,C,D are my 4 visualizations on this dashboard. I have a drop down which has two options viz. Option1 & Option 2. If I select Option 1 , I need A,B & C to be displayed and if I choose option 2 , I need all my visualizations to be displayed .

Kindly let me know if this is possible .

Thanks and Regards

this is not possible out of the box. i would rather suggest to create two dashboards:

  • first one with visualization A B and C
  • second one with all visualizations
  • add markdown visualization on the first one, with a link to second dashboard
  • add markdown visualization on the second one, with a link to first dashboard

Thanks for the confirmation Peter.

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