Can we set request time through env var?

Hi using 6.4.2,

Can we set elasticsearch.requestTimeout as an env variable ELASTICSEARCH_REQUEST_TIMEOUT??


We do not support env var configuration, though you could use an env var and pass it to Kibana via a CLI flag:

$ ./bin/kibana --elasticsearch.requestTimeout=$ELASTICSEARCH_REQUEST_TIMEOUT

Ok. I'm using Docker image so I guess it would be better to provide a config.yaml with it...

Hi @joshdover, the docs seem to indicate it's possible to do what I'm doing:

But doesn't work...

"ELASTICSEARCH_URL": "", <--- This one works because I'm getting data.
"ELASTICSEARCH_REQUEST_TIMEOUT": "60000", <-- This doesn't

Ah yes, our Docker images do support this. I believe it is called ELASTICSEARCH_REQUESTTIMEOUT (only one underscore)

Ok thanks it's working! :slight_smile:

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