Visualize: Request Timeout after 30000ms - Last 1 Year as Time Range

While using Kibana, I select Last 1 year as Time Range and I'm getting following message:

Visualize: Request Timeout after 30000ms

I tail'ed elasticsearch logs, however there is no indication of any issue with data (or anything else), some suggested to increase elasticsearch.pingTimeout...

I'm tried to follow Configuring Kibana on Docker | Kibana User Guide [5.6] | Elastic (specifically, Environment variable configuration part). I set ELASTICSEARCH_REQUESTTIMEOUT to 60000, yet Kibana still timeouts at 30000 (default)

Please advise.

What version of Kibana are you on and also, did you restart Kibana in your docker container to make sure it loads the value of the variable?


I'm running Kibana 5.6.3, and yes I restarted docker container to make sure it loads environment variables, other variable such as: ELASTICSEARCH_URL seems to be working fine...

# grep -A2 environment docker-compose.override.yml 
                        - "ELASTICSEARCH_URL=${ELASTICSEARCH_URL}"
                        - "ELASTICSEARCH_REQUESTTIMEOUT=60000"

Is there a way to verify that (through API call?) or what else can I do to troubleshoot it further?

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