Can we use 2 metrics under a data table on the same column?

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I have several query to implement under a same data table. The problem is that i have some query on metric "count" and some others on metric "unique count". Can i do it under the same column easely?

2 possibility maybe :

  • under metric using json input ?
  • under filters maybe? something like "unique count(ACTIVITY:end)"

Thank you

How to make data table with different metrics (count and unique count)
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Yeah, just click the "Add Metric" button to add the unique count.

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I noticed this "Add Metric" button but it adds a new column, i want some lines to be with count metric and some others with unique count metric. With your solution i would have 3 columns, query/result for count/result for unique count

Any other solution?



Any idea ?


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