How to display a table to multiple count metric in the same table?


I need to show a summary of some errors with their count in Kibana.

Error Count
Error1 123
Error2 123

I have already search query of error1 and error2, I can display them as metric count widget but I am expecting to have many error types, so I want a table to summarise all of them.

Any idea how I can achieve this?
I am trying to use Markdown widget, but I don't know how to attach a metric count to it.


@proximator You could use a 'Data Table' Visualization with the following options:
Metrics --> Count
Split Rows --> Aggregation: Filters
Filter 1: error1 search query ; Filter 1 Label: Error1
Filter 2: error2 search query ; Filter 2 Label: Error2

Thanks a lot, it solves my problem

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