Can we use APM with a nodeJS serveless aplication at AZURE?

Hi, i'm lucas!

i have researched everywhere and i could find how to use elastic with nodejs azure functions.

actually i'm trying to find a example with nodejs + azure functions + elastic APM

is there a way to make it work?

Hi Lucas, we don't have specific support yet for Azure functions with the Node.js APM agent at this time. But we're interested in hearing more about your use case so we can consider it when determining our roadmap: do you use other Azure cloud services, lie CosmosDB, Service Bus, etc? Have you tested out using the Node.js agent with an Azure function at all?

Hi, Emily!

Thx for answer

The product i'm working on is basic a automation backoffice for customer service tickets and we are passing to a big time with a lot of bugs. Before leaving the project someone implemented Elastic but just logging messages inside elastic.

They are self hosting elastic and kibana, and everytime we want to log somenting we just implemented and we send messages to elastic, the problem with this is that we can't trace whats happening by just logging messages, because we use Azure Event Grid, so there's a lot o functions beeing called after a ticket is created. We need to trace with APM so we can resolve our bugs.

I've made a POC with the completely Elastic Stack to show my employers the importance of Elastic Stack and APM in our application.
But now i reasearching how to make it work with Azure Functions.

Any ideas?

Hi Lucas, thanks for the context. Have you tested instrumenting your Azure Functions with the Node.js agent at all? Although we don't officially support them yet, it's possible it might work automatically. In any case, we are currently researching how to instrument Azure Functions right now with the .NET agent so should have an update on supporting them in the Node.js agent soon. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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