Can we use datastreams with Filebeat?659+


So "Can we use datastreams with Filebeat?" And more importantly, can we mix multiple inputs, where some use legacy ilm and some use datastreams? This is in a test 7.10.1 setup without Logstash.

For example untill now I had these 2 log inputs:

- type: log
  paths: C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Firewall\*.log
  pipeline: filebeat-windows-firewall
  fields_under_root: true "Windows Firewall"
- type: syslog
    max_message_size: 25KiB
    host: ""
  pipeline: filebeat-pfsense

I'd love to migrate my pfsense to a datastream, and leave the Windows Firewall logs as they are.

logs-netgate.pfsense-default should be the name of the datastream. Should I try use a conditional on output.elasticsearch.index? Should I set _index in the new pipeline? Or what is the recommended way to start migrating to datastreams?



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