Can we use MinIO with NFS for snapshot/restore repo +50TB?

Hi all,

we cannot backup outside our data center. Hence we want to use MinIO according to the documentation:

Only our cheapest storage is NFSv3 but MinIO recommends not to use that:

What is your view on this? Do you have customers running MinIO in production with large (>50TB) datasets on NFSv3? Would this be really an issue for us?

Second question: the containers to run MinIO in, would that be on the ECE platform? Meaning we would use the underlying Docker? Or should we run it on separate VM's?



You would run minio in a docker container, outside of ECE... on any server which has docker ability and underlying large storage.

I avoided NFS because i didnt want network storage or brittleness.

I had no issues with minio and 40TB when i used it two years ago using underlying LVM... where the storage was being provided through vmware etc and was easily expanded as necessary.

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Thanks! If we go for MinIO we would indeed place it outside of ECE.

For NFS, any others have experience with MinIO storing on NFS (v3) with large volumes (+50TB)?

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