ECE snapshot repository

In my private cloud I want to install ECE and plan to implement snapshot repository.

My clarification is -

  1. Is MinIO the only supported software for snapshot repository in private cloud for ECE.
  2. Does a shared storage (SAN or NAS) is supported for snapshot repositories in ECE without MinIO?

On 1] Minio (and S3/GCP/Azure of course) is the only one we test. But any S3-compatible BLOB store should work, and we definitely have customers who use other ones.

2] We don't have any support for SAN/NAS, we only support various BLOB stores


Can you please share few blob store name that are supported/compatible?

None (including minio) are supported, in the sense that we will not guarantee to fix issues encountered with just them (and not S3)

minio is very safe because it is part of our test suite

We do not maintain a list of blob stores that we know are in use unfortunately

ok thank Alex

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