Can we use same index for 2 different sources?

I am new to Elastic and have a query. We are feeding Elastic with logs from our VMware infrastructure via vrops. All vrops logs are uploaded to Elastic with the index

Now, I want to send some more logs from another source but I want them to go an index where I can use both these logs and the logs from vrops together for dashboard creation. Since while creating dashboard i can select only one index pattern which in my case is check_vrops*.

What should I name the index to which the logs from the 2nd source will be sent? I want to have the logs from both sources under a similar index pattern for creating dashboards.How can I achieve it? Any ideas please?

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Are they the same format? If not, then it's best to keep it in a different set of indices.

Thank you.

Yes, they are in the same format. They are logs from storage devices and VMs.

Can I use different set of indices to create visualization on a single dashboard?

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