Can we use split processor with painless scripting


Can we use split processor with painless scripting as we can use in java or groovy?

value of RequestIntime = "ReqestIn_2017-08-21T12:10:10"
def String request = doc['RequestInTime'].value;

Seperator shoud be based on "_"(underscore).

is to possible to split
[request][0] = "ReqestIn"
[request][1] = "2017-08-21T12:10:10"

You can split using the regex syntax.

String[] parts = /_/.split(request)

String.split is not available because it compiles a regex. In Painless, regexes are a feature that can be disabled, and also statically compiled (thus the special syntax using the "slashy string" to get a Pattern object above.

Hi There,

I have enable regex pattern in elasticsearch.yml.
I'm trying to use regex syntax as mention below:

String[] parts = /_/.split(doc['RequestInTime.keyword'].value);
List value = Arrays.asList(parts);
String val = value[1];
return val;

While updating the scripting fields, I'm getting compilation error.
Caused by: java.text.ParseException: unexpected character '[' on line (1) position (6)
Caused by: org.antlr.v4.runtime.LexerNoViableAltException

Lists don't have an array syntax. Just index the array directly, no need to turn it into a list.

String[] parts = /_/.split(doc[‘RequestInTime.keyword’].value);
return parts[1];


Thanks for such help.
It's working. Earlier I'd tried same but it's not working. May be it's not reflected But now it reflects and working fine.

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