Can we use yarn kbn bootstrap in offline mode

Hello Team,

I am facing network issues, while running yarn kbn bootstrap.

Can we download and set depedencies and run yarn kbn bootstrapvin offline mode .

Kibana version : 6.3

Thank you,

You can. Follow the directions for setting up the offline cache here:

and then run yarn kbn bootstrap —prefer-offline

Thank you very much Bill_McConaghy.
I will try this.

Thank you,

Hello Bill_McConaghy,Team,

I tried setting up the offline/local repository, but i am facing following issue,
i have downloaded required '.tgz' files and set the cache folder as mentioned here.

> yarn config set yarn-offline-mirror <folder_path_containing_.tgz_files>

Now, when i run the command

yarn kbn bootstrap --prefer-offline

it tries to download files which are already available in the local folder.

i even tried clearing cache and cleaning the project.

I am seeing this behavior particularly on @kbn/pm module.
It went well for 3-4 modules.

Any pointers to resolve this issue are really appreciated.

Thank you,

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