Can you configure a Token filter on a pre-existing index?

Hello all! First time poster, but a big fan of ElasticSearch in general.

I'm trying to configure Auto Completion for an index, following these steps from the docs (, but they seem to apply to creating a new index. In my case, I already have an index that I want this token filter to be applied to. Is this possible, or do I need to create a new index with the Filter and Analyzer at the same time?



Hi @brigzzy,

you need a new index. If you already have an existing index and you're on Elasticsearch 2.3 or later you can use the reindex API to simplify this task.

See the section on Index Aliases and Zero Downtime in the Definitive Guide how you can reindex without having your users noticing.


Thanks @danielmitterdorfer, I'll check that out later today.