Can you install winlogbeat in another folder

HI, it seems like the install instructions I have seen go into ProgramData or Program files. I want to install to a folder where all of my cyber security stuff?

thanks for any advice or suggestions

Just install in the folder you want, you will probably need to edit the install-service-winlogbeat.ps1 to configure it as a service.

thanks leon

Hi Lean, what do i need to do in the ps1? Am changing a path?

thanks again for any help or suggestions.

I'm sorry, but I do not use Windows and cannot help on this, but you need to check the ps1 script if it makes any reference to the default directories and change it.

Hi Lean, yes, I see what I have to change.
I had to change the paths to "D:\vm workstation\winlogbeat" which is where i want winlogbeat to reside.

D:\vm workstation\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.exe" --environment=windows_service -c "D:\vm workstation\winlogbeat\winlogbeat.yml" --path.home "D:\vm workstation\winlogbeat" "\VM WorkStation\winlogbeat" --path.logs "\VM WorkStation\winlogbeat\logs" -E logging.files.redirect_stderr=true

Thanks, I would not have know to look at the ps1.

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