Can you search for a specific slide in powerpoint deck?

scenario is if there are multiple powerpoints in my environment and i want to identify a specific slide in a deck i can programmatically export and import into my current deck.

Issue is indexers grab all the content from the file but they do not identify the slide number the content is indexed from, just that it is indexed from the deck / file itself.

Does Elasticsearch provide context to my query that it found relevant content on a specific slide as part of the returned metadata?

Hey Dave,

I'm afraid not. As you've mentioned, while Workplace Search can extract content from various presentation formats like PowerPoint, the indexed content doesn't retain any metadata like slide number that you could use at either search or retrieval time.

In general for non-plaintext document types like presentations, the extracted data is normalized into plaintext, and so the data you have available at search time generally doesn't contain those format-specific markers.

Hope that clears things up.


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