Cannot access _source data with new user

ID: 5a043a


Just migrating from local ELK cluster to elastic cloud.

When I search with our root user 'elastic', I can see results of a simple index search. The _source field of each result is populated as expected.

When I repeat the search with a new user, I get the right number of results but the _source field is {}.

The user has a custom role 'all' which gives:

Full cluster privileges
Run as privileges: *
Indices privileges: *, all

Does this not give full access?


Hi @Simon_Pickles

I'm going to move this to X-pack since I think you'll get a better response there - I think this is a question over roles and not something that's specific to Cloud (and I'm sure that one of the engineers over there will ping pong it back again if I'm wrong!)


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