Cannot access Pet Clinic application in the Strigo Lab


I have started taking the Elasticsearch Observability Engineer (On-Demand) course. I managed to reach lab 3.3 (Collecting APM data) and suddenly cannot access Pet Clinic application.

How can I restart the Pet Clinic application? Any idea will be appreciated. Thanks


You might want to check the logs of the application’s container to see what went wrong.

Maybe you updated some configuration and the app cannot restart?

The logs will help us answer that question :grinning:


Thanks @Romain_Geffraye

This is what I see in the logs:-

APM Server transport error (ECONNREFUSED): connect ECONNREFUSED
Sending error to Elastic APM { id: 'cfcb4183094aa872fb417ecc8870dd69' }
APM Server transport error (ECONNREFUSED): connect ECONNREFUSED

I have installed elastic-apm-node, details below:-

elastic-apm-node@3.38.0 | BSD-2-Clause | deps: 32 | versions: 125
The official Elastic APM agent for Node.js

keywords: opbeat, elastic, elasticapm, elasticsearch, log, logging, bug, bugs, error, errors, exception, exceptions, catch, monitor, monitoring, alert, alerts, performance, apm, ops, devops, stacktrace, trace, tracing, distributedtracing, distributed-tracing

.shasum: 4d0dc9279c0e23e09b3b30aa4a9f9aeccfa59cc0
.integrity: sha512-/d6YuWFtsfkVRpFD0YJ2rYJVq0rI0PGqG/C+cW1JpMZ4IOU8dA9xzUkxbT0G3B8gpHNug07Xo6bJdQa2oUaFbQ==
.unpackedSize: 589.9 kB

@elastic/ecs-pino-format: ^1.2.0 async-value-promise: ^1.1.1      elastic-apm-http-client: 11.0.1  escape-string-regexp: ^4.0.0     lru-cache: ^6.0.0                object-identity-map: ^1.0.2      
@opentelemetry/api: ^1.1.0       basic-auth: ^2.0.1               end-of-stream: ^1.4.4            fast-safe-stringify: ^2.0.7      measured-reporting: ^1.51.1      original-url: ^1.2.3             
after-all-results: ^2.0.0        cookie: ^0.5.0                   error-callsites: ^2.0.4          http-headers: ^3.0.2             monitor-event-loop-delay: ^1.0.0 pino: ^6.11.2                    
async-cache: ^1.1.0              core-util-is: ^1.0.2             error-stack-parser: ^2.0.6       is-native: ^1.0.1                object-filter-sequence: ^1.0.0   relative-microtime: ^2.0.0       
(...and 8 more.)

- trentm <>
- watson <>
- elasticmachine <>
- alanstorm <>

2x: 2.17.3      latest: 3.38.0  

Configuration looks ok

The configuration looks good.

However, the logs tell you that your application can't connect to the APM server.

Check if your agent is correctly running and if the integration is correctly setup (lab 3.1)

Integration is configured correctly and cant find the problem with the agent.

Is it possible to reset the lab and start from the beginning?

Hope that would help to keep track and eventually understand the root cause.


Hi @timmo ,

I replaced your lab, so you can restart from the beginning.


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