Cannot assign requested address to: localhost:80

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I use filebeat and logstash to parse some existing log files [lots of them (each file has ~ 500 Mb)]. At some point, logstash start throwing

Ruby exception occurred: Cannot assign requested address - bind - Cannot assign requested address to: localhost:80

I have some custom ruby code, but it does not perform requests on 80 port and not try to bind nothing on port 80.

(Andrew Cholakian) #2

Logstash by default does not try to bind to port 80, are you running a plugin (maybe the HTTP input?) that is configured to bind to it?

Port 80, and all ports < 1024 can only be bound by processes running as root. We do not recommend running logstash as root .If you need logstash to listen on 80 it is better to use a reverse proxy for that scenario.

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