Cannot configure Open ID Connect - cant store key in elastic keystore for persistent usage

I am trying to configure OIDC according to documentation. According to instructions, I have to store into keystore.

bin/elasticsearch-keystore add

This works fine, except, when I restart my elasticsearch I will lost my secret stored in keystore.

I google little bit, and find this issue. According to solution, which was already merged, I should be able to add values to keystore via ELASTICSEARCH_KEYS variable. I tested it on elastic 7.8.1, 7.9.1 and 7.9.2, none of them works properly. Env variable ELASTICSEARCH_KEYS is present with right values.

Right now, I am running Elasticsearch 7.8.1 in Kubernetes, and my tests I performed locally runs in docker.

How can I settle up OIDC right now, what are my options?
Why ELASTICSEARCH_KEYS variable does not work? From comments, they fixed it for versions 7.X.

Thank you.

See, you can pre-create the elasticsearch keystore, add the client_secret to it and then bind mount it to your container.

I solved it by using helm chart. For Elasticsearch, there is section How to use the keystore.

@ikakavas thank you for you reply. I did not try your solution, because I fix it with helm value keystore. But this should works too.

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