Cannot connect to the Elastichsearch cluster


One of my Kibana server gives error as below. Can anyone help me how can troubleshoot this. Thank you very much.

**Cannot connect to the Elasticsearch cluster currently configured for Kibana. **
Refer to the Kibana logs for more details and refresh to try again.


Have you referred to the kibana logs for more information? Can you share what is printed there?

I don't have any experince about ELK, how can I see the logs?
Thank you very much,

The default log file location differs depending your operating system and how you installed Kibana, so please tell us what OS you have installed Kibana on ( Windows, Linux ) and which installation method you used ( installed from source archive ? rpm, deb packages ? )

Actually I didn't install the ELK, I know that it is installed on Centos 7.2.

Do you have access to the server that kibana is installed ? Can you check if there is a kibana.log file in /var/log/kibana ?

There is no /var/log/kibana in the Kibana server.
When I run the "whereis" command, this result shows up.

[root@ELK01 kibana]# whereis kibana
kibana: /etc/kibana /usr/share/kibana

/var/log/kibana should be the default destination folder. Check /etc/kibana/kibana.yml to see if there is a logging.dest parameter.

Hi Ioannis,

I see this in kibana.yml. Does this mean logs are no enabled? Should I enable it, what should I write to the "logging.dest" field?

Enables you specify a file where Kibana stores log output.

#logging.dest: stdout

Thank you for you support.

No, this means that the logging file is the default. Could you run

find / -iname kibana.log

in your terminal and see if it can point out where your log files are located?

"find / -iname kibana.log" command couldn't find aynthing.

Many thanks,

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