Cannot create deployments in ECE

I'm unable to create deployments. When I go to create deployments I get a "fetching regions failed" error.

Do you know if your company has any CSP (content security policy) strangeness?

It appears that it's complaining about some references to elastic sites (one of them could - i believe - be addressed by disabling "phone home" settings .. you get prompted the first time you login, there's some API to disable it subsequently) .. the other two I'm not sure what their purpose is.


I can take a look at the CSP policies. Could you elaborate more on the ‘phone home’ settings? Looks like the fetching regions is using an ajax call to and it seems as if it’s an unauthenticated call?

I’ve been able to deploy ECE onto AWS and no issues with fetching regions or creating deployments on that instance of ECE.

On "phone home" ... the first time you login to ECE it gives you the option to opt-in/out of sending telemetry back to Elastic HQ

There's an API call to disable it subsequently (I think something like curl -u admin:$PASSWORD -H 'application-type: content/json' "localhost:12400/api/v0.1/phone-home/config" -d '{ "enabled": false }')

The issue is that this (+possibly other calls I haven't yet identified) seems to be falling foul of the browser's CSP. I have no idea why this might be, obviously it's not something that normally happens hence the question of what might be different (eg company CSP enforced by a proxy that is changing the ECE responses?)

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