Cannot create watches

When using elasticsearch 6.3.1 in combination with Kibana. (Elastic cloud instance)
It is not possible to create watches. I always get this error

How can I get around this?




can you check your index templates using kibana, if there is a template named watches

GET _template/watches

if so, does this template contain a type named watch? I suppose this is somehow a leftover of a not completely finished upgrade. I'd like to propose a few steps here to make sure everything works

  1. Delete the above template by calling DELETE _template/watches
  2. Delete the legacy triggered watches template by calling DELETE _template/triggered_watches
  3. Delete the .triggered_watches index (no worries it will be recreated, when watches execute)

Now try to create your watch and see if it works. If not, please report back and we'll go from there.

Hope this helps!


Hi, indeed, I can now create new watches. Thanks a lot.


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