Cannot DELETE Index with Superuser


I have a problem on my Elasticsearch, i cannot delete an index with a superuser :

I have some .reporting index, and i want to apply an ILM to this index because i dont need the old .reportng index.

After changing the ILM specifying the deletion of indexes after X days, the old indexes entered the deletion stage. But, when ILM try to DELETE the olds index, this error occured :

security_exception: action [indices:admin/delete] is unauthorized for user [admin] with roles [superuser] on indices [.reporting-2022-02-13], this action is granted by the index privileges [delete_index,manage,all]

I dont understand, because i use a superuser. And i cannot DELETE these index manually,.

But i can DELETE all others index :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It doesnt work with a cloud user too.

is it related to this index precisely ?


From the Documentation it make sense ,


    Grants full access to cluster management and data indices. This role also grants direct read-only access to restricted indices like .security. A user with the superuser role can impersonate any other user in the system.

    On Elastic Cloud, all standard users, including those with the superuser role are restricted from performing operator-only actions.

I got the solution. Superuser role is not a superuser anymore... :laughing:
Go see this : [Reporting] Implement allowing administrators to manage any report or reporting index · Issue #127881 · elastic/kibana · GitHub Here is the solution !
U just have to create a new role and add it to your user. Use dev tool for this.

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