Cannot download csv file from kibana dashboard

I use 7.8.0 version and while downloading csv report from kibana dashboard it says cannot download your report at this moment. I have the proper user and user roles. Any reason!!?

What do the logs say ? Can you share more details- Kibana logs, screenshot, browser console errors , stack version etc. More information would be helpful


No error in logs
Kibana dashboard just says cannot download your csv at this time or

As attached it just downloads a few bytes of data only field/cloumn name no actual data

it's possible you are running into the maximum file size for the CSV export:

You can configure it via a kibana.yml setting.

Yes even did that increased it to 30 but no use

I had it read in a previous post we cant increase to 1gb or 2 gb else kibana will give performance issues

cc @timroes any more inputs here?


I'll call in the council of Tims here, and forward to @tsullivan: Are we aware of any CSV export issues, that cause in the described behavior, where only the header line is in the CSV but no data?

Can u also suggest the what can be the maximum value of xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes

We use RHEL 7 any extra packages needs to be install?

Hi, no extra packages are required in Linux in order to generate the CSV.

Maybe you are experiencing this issue? [Reporting] Saved search exports an empty csv if an end time in the future is selected. · Issue #69636 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

If that is not the reason, can you provide your kibana.yml file contents? Please remove any sensitive information :slight_smile:

This depends on how much RAM is available to the Kibana server.

See documentation about controlling the memory size in Kibana: Use Kibana in a production environment | Kibana Guide [8.11] | Elastic

The more RAM available, the higher you will be able to set the csv.maxSizeBytes config.

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