Cannot exit the command of install plugin?

(Kai Dong) #1

I want to install the plugin which is created by myself, but the command won't exit after plugin installation complete. This will prevent the docker build from executing.
I can install other plugins successfully, maybe my plugin has some problem, could you give me some suggestions?

(Tyler Smalley) #2

This is the first time I have seen this before, and looking through the code it's not apparent how it could be caused. I assume you're getting this on subsequent runs? Have you tried opening a new terminal session? Is there any way I could get your plugin build to investigate?

(Kai Dong) #3

I could send the plugin to you by email if you have time.

(Kai Dong) #4

It will run successfully if I remove await rebuildCache(settings, logger);
Will I cause other unknown problems?

(Tyler Smalley) #5

You received "Plugin installation complete" in your original post, so it completed rebuildCache. It shouldn't cause any issues. It will rebuild the cache on startup.

(system) #6

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