Cannot freeze or close indices with index.frozen:false property

Version: Elasticsearch 6.8

I have a few indices that cannot be frozen, the freeze operation returns with:

  "acknowledged" : false,
  "shards_acknowledged" : false

Inspecting the index yields the following interesting property:

GET myindex/_settings
  "myindex" : {
    "settings" : {
      "index" : {
        "frozen" : "false",

I have been using the freeze feature for a while now, but I'm pretty much out of clues how to proceed with this phenomenon.... Maybe my scheduled job borked these indices... a cluster event interrupted the freeze process?

Things that I checked/tried:

  • checking the node vs routign allocation requirement -> OK
  • checking if the index is read-only -> it's not RO
  • querying the index as a live index -> works
  • closing the index -> acknowledged: false (i.e. doesn't work)
  • freezing the index -> acknowledged: false (i.e. doesn't work)
  • checking the deug level logs -> no useful information
  • opening the index -> acknowledged:true, but makes no difference (and close/freeze won't start working after this)

Thanks for any help/idea you may offer.

Could you share the debug-level logs? I would expect there to be some messages indicating why this is failing, although it might not be obvious what they are...

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