Freezed indices don't load


I started freezing older daily indices that are used less frequently, but now those aren't loading at all. Shouldn't those be available for reading (e.g., Kibana)?



Which version are you on?

Unless enabled, frozen indices are completely ignored; it is as if they do not exist and as such, queries ran against them are likely to fail.

Maybe this is the problem? But thats only a possibility if you are on an older version. As far as I know you can search frozen indices on 7.X.

It's. 7.2.1.

I think there is an advanced setting in Kibana that need to be enabled.

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Never would've thought about that. Thank you!

I also found this:

Is there a way for me to check if this threshold is hit? (e.g., log entry)
Also, how can I change that limit?

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