Kibana never fully loads, stays searching


Strange issue. Kibana and indexing works correctly at first but after
several weeks, the UI always shows that Kibana is searching. No matter what
I try to query or time interval, it's always searching and never returns
anything. I don't see anything funky in the logs and if I delete all my
indices, everything works fine. The only thing I can think of is that every
6 days, I delete an index that is 6 days old, because I don't have enough
machines and disk space.

Cluster health seems okay:


  • cluster_name: "prod",
  • status: "green",
  • timed_out: false,
  • number_of_nodes: 12,
  • number_of_data_nodes: 11,
  • active_primary_shards: 154,
  • active_shards: 154,
  • relocating_shards: 0,
  • initializing_shards: 0,
  • unassigned_shards: 0,
  • number_of_pending_tasks: 0


Running on Ec2. performance looks okay on each node. My indexes total about
8TB across 11 machines. I have one machine set as a read only ES node and
that's where Kibana lives as well. The instance types are m3.2xlarge.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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