Elastic Search is still initializing Kibana Index error

Hi, recently created an elastic search cluster, set up Kibana 4, created dashboards and visualizations and all was working. Today, Kibana stopped working and when I try to restart it I get the message "Elastic Search is still initializing the Kibana index". Posts on the internet say to delete the Kibana index. I don't want to do that because I have lots of dashboards and visualizations. What can I do to fix this?

What do the logs for KB say?
Have you tried restarting it and ES?

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately we did not have logging set up for Kibana before this (we do now), so I don't have any information there. We did restart Kibana to no avail. Eventually, what we did was to get the information out of the Kibana index using Sense, massage the Json slightly and re-import the data into a new Kibana index (.kibana2). Strangely, it looks like I can now access both Kibana indexes, though not sure why the initial index (.kibana) is working now.

It would be nice to hear some thoughts on what might have gone wrong as we are trying to assess suitability of Kibana for our organization and frequent "corruption"/downtime would raise concerns.

What did you "massage" exactly?