Kibana - Search frozen indices


we have an ILM policy that freezes and force merges indices older than 60 days. From time to time its possible that these indices are still needed for queries.
Now we noticed that those frozen indices are not searchable with kibana eventhough the option in kibana is enabled.

The API query (with ignore_throttled=false) works fine though.

Am I overlooking something here?

Kibana 6.8.3
Elasticsearch 6.8.3

Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure why that isn't working for you. It looks like the setting was added in 6.6 in Kibana
Can you provide more information like logs, screenshots etc ?

cc @timroes


Hi rashmi,

thats weird... I wanted to collected the requested data and while searching the frozen index yesterday , the answer was instantly that there are no logs to find. Well now the query timed out, so I reduced the time range further and further. There was always an timeout until I got to a timerange of 1 minute. He displayed logs, so I increased the timerange again and I was able to search the whole day again... Is that normal behaviour?

Seems like I'm able to search the frozen indicies now.. Well more or less

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